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Verify Setup Data

Verify your access is correct in TRS


  • If you get an "Invalid access” error message after clicking the Employee link, this can indicate a problem with your user account. Please contact the TRS Help Desk and we will confirm if you are eligible to use the system.
  • If you receive a message that your Primary or Backup Supervisor is not set up in the Time Reporting System, please contact your supervisor and/or Service Channel.
  • If you receive e-mail/system notifications from any previous timesheet systems after you have been added to the Time Reporting System, you should contact your supervisor for assistance. They will work to ensure your access is turned off in other systems.


  • If your employee contacts you indicating that they do not have a Primary and/or Backup Supervisor in the Time Reporting System, please contact your Service Channel Departmental Time Administrator (DTA) with this information. The Backup Supervisor is usually the supervisor of the Primary Supervisor.
  • If you receive email notifications from previous timesheet systems, this may or may not indicate a problem. If you still supervise an employee(s) who uses a previous system, you will still need access to that prior system in order to approve timesheets. However, if you do not supervise any employees in a previous system, you should contact your Service Channel DTA to be sure that your access in the old system is turned off.

Department Time Administrator (DTA)

  • New employee records will be automatically loaded into the Time Reporting System. The new employee record will not contain any supervisor information. It is the responsibility of the DTA to assign a Primary and Backup Supervisor to the new employee. The DTA should also confirm if the new employee has or requires an alternate work schedule (if applicable) and update the overtime compensation preferences (payment, compensatory time off). DTAs will receive system email notifications when new assignments are added to the system; this should prompt them to take action.