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Alternate Work Schedules Spreadsheet

The Time Reporting System can accommodate alternate work schedules

Identify employees with alternate/required work schedules:

  • If you have non-exempt (eligible for overtime) employees working one of these schedules, they should be identified as such on the Work Schedules Spreadsheet.
    This file is NOT to be used for exempt employees (those not eligible for overtime).
    • 9/80 Work Schedule
    • 4/40 Alternate Schedule
    • Regular Work Schedule
    • Temporary Assignment ​​​​​​​
  • AFSCME (SX) and Patient Technical Care (EX) employees are required to have work schedules in the system due to shift requirements in daily overtime calculations.
    There are additional schedule options for these employees which are indicated in the Work Schedule Spreadsheet.

Work Schedules Spreadsheet (XLS)