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Implementation Data Requirements

Learn what information is required for implementation assistance.

The information must be submitted in the formats specified below:

Please do not merge information into one file or submit the information in a different format than that specified, or this can result in data processing delay(s) or return of your information.

The files should be sent by email to Please indicate which department codes you are submitting and which pay cycle you would like to go live. You will be contacted if there are any issues with the files as well as confirmation of the implementation pay period.

Data Format Notes: The entire 9-digit Employee ID must be provided; this includes IDs which start with 0 (zero). The same applies to the 6-digit home department code. The ‘text’ cell format in Microsoft Excel should be applied to the cells to allow for entry of ID/codes which begin with zeros.

Required files

(click on the file name to access)

  1. Supervisor Assignments: Also refer to the Supervisor Information page. Supervisor information is required in order to save/submit timesheets and to receive system email notifications.
    *If supervisor is a UC Davis Affiliate (non-employee) then please provide UC Davis Login ID
    • Employee ID (required)
    • Assignment department (required)
    • Pay Schedule: BW or MO (required)
    • Appointment Number (required)
    • Primary Supervisor Name/Employee ID (required)*
    • Backup Supervisor Name/Employee ID (required)*
    • Optional Backup Supervisor Name/Employee ID*
  2. Work Schedules: Also refer to the Work Schedules Information page. EX (Patient Care Technical) and SX (Service Unit) employees are required to have work schedules in the system. This is due to shift requirements in the calculation for daily overtime. For all other employees (exempt-eligible for overtime), only 4/40 and 9/80 schedules are allowed.
    This file is NOT to be used for exempt employees (those not eligible for overtime).
  3. Overtime Compensation (non-exempt employees only): Also refer to the Overtime Compensation Information page. The system defaults to payment. Please provide a list of employees who have elected compensation time accruals.
  4. Timesheet Identifiers: Also refer to the Timesheet Identifiers page. The system allows for a 15-character identifier for each assignment. Identifiers are recommended for employees that have multiple appointments. Additionally, student employees who have work study are required to have separate appointments: work study (reg hours) and non-work study (leave usage). Identifiers are needed to assist students in reporting their time on the correct timesheet.
    • Employee ID (required)
    • Appointment Number (required)
    • Identifier (required; 15 characters - spaces allowed but count toward the 15 limit)