Tax Reporting & Compliance Forms



Employee Tax forms available through UC Path Online
University Tax Information 
501(c)(3) Information (PDF) Tax-exemption confirmation letter.
W9 - Request for Taxpayer ID and Certification (PDF) Completed form to provide to University Payees upon request.
Withholding Exemption Certificate - California 590 (PDF) Completed form to provide to University Payees upon request.
Department Forms - Employee Payments
Batch Reporting of Employee Taxable Non-cash Awards or Prizes (PDF) Department may submit taxable non-cash awards in batch.
Department Forms - Vendor Payments

KFS Use Tax Accrual Correction Form (Webform)

Department should complete the webform to report incorrectly used tax accrued by the Kuali Financial System (KFS).   As of July 1, 2021, TR&C will only process adjustment amounts exceeding $500 or more. 
Batch Reporting of KFS Use Tax Accrual Corrections (Excel) Department may submit incorrectly used tax accruals in batch.

Non-Employee Statement of Noncash Award or Prize (PDF)

Department should complete to report  non-employee non-cash awards one award at a time.
Partial Exemption Certificate for Manufacturing, Research and Development Equipment (PDF) Vendors may request a completed version of this form for internal files.  When requested, departments should work with TR&C to complete.
Partial Sales Tax Exemption - Equipment Eligibility Checklist  (PDF) Departments need to complete and attach to KFS document when requesting reduced sales tax rate.
W7 - Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (PDF) IRS from an individual will complete and remit directly to the IRS for a ITIN.