Implementing TRS

Get started on using TRS today

If your department would like to implement TRS, please contact the TRS Help Desk indicating your interest and to begin the implementation process.

General implementation information

Finance wants to ensure that your department has a successful Time Reporting System implementation. Whether you are currently using paper-based timekeeping methods or another electronic system, our goal is to make the process as smooth as possible.

To aid in the implementation process, data loads can be used for initial setups. Although it is not required, we recommend all implementing departments take advantage of the process to reduce the manual data entry required. Once Departmental Time Administrators have completed the required training, they will have access to update TRS via the application.

Required data files

The four required files are located in the Implementation Data Requirements section. Each of these files must be completed with the required information in the required format and submitted to the TRS Help Desk prior to your departmental implementation of TRS. The files should not be merged or modified in any way, or they may not be successfully processed.

What to do

  1. Review Implementation Data Requirements
  2. Determine Who Will Be Assigned as DTAs and Supervisors
  3. Make Sure DTAs Have Completed DTA Access Request Form/Required Training
  4. Update PPS Appointments
  5. Identify Employees With Alternate/Required Work Schedules
  6. Identify Overtime Compensation Method (Time Off/Pay) for Eligible Employees
  7. Identify Timesheet Identifiers
  8. After Go-Live: Employee, Supervisor, DTA