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Assign DTAs and Supervisors

Determine who will be assigned as DTAs and supervisors.

Note: This information is entered on the Supervisor Assignments spreadsheet.

  1. Determine Department Time Administrators (DTAs) and their responsible department code(s). In most cases, the DTAs will be those individuals who oversee the administrative functions in any paper-based system(s) in current use. The DTA is responsible for submitting timesheets through UCPath after an employee initiates/ submits their timesheet and the supervisor approves it.

  2. For each TRS eligible employee assignment in your department, both the Primary Supervisor and Backup Supervisor are required. There is also a third Optional Backup Supervisor you can assign. UCPath employee IDs are needed in order to update supervisor assignments. For supervisors who are not UCD employees they will need to be added to UCPath as Contingent Workers (CWR). Please work with your Service Channel to verify the CWR status.
  3. Like the Primary Supervisor, the Backup Supervisor and Optional Backup Supervisor is able to take action (approve, return) on employee timesheets; this is especially helpful if the Primary Supervisor is out of the office/unable to take action on timesheets. We generally recommend that the Backup Supervisor be the supervisor of the Primary Supervisor. Primary, Backup and Optional Backup Supervisors should not be subordinate to the employee, and these roles should be filled by individuals who are familiar with the employee's work schedule.