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Update PPS Appointments

In TRS, eligible PPS appointments (not accounting distribution) are separate assignments (timesheets).

In other words, if an employee has two (2) TRS eligible PPS appointments then they will be required to complete and submit two (2) timesheets for each pay period. But, if an employee has one (1) PPS appointment with 3 accounting line distributions they will only be required to complete one (1) timesheet for each pay period.

For some employees, multiple PPS appointments may be required (different jobs/dept codes, etc.), but there may be other situations where multiple appointments can be consolidated into one appointment with the accounting distributions under the one appointment.

Multiple appointments must be created in PPS for work study student employees. There must be one appointment for work study and one for reporting leave time. Work study students enter their work time only on the work study appointment and their leave time only on the leave time appointment. Work study does not accept leave time. PPS will continue to redistribute work study automatically once work study limits have been reached.

If you have any employees with multiple PPS appointments, please indicate Primary and Backup Supervisors for each individual appointment on the Supervisor Assignments spreadsheet.