Cost Share Application

The Cost Share Application is a reporting system that allows the capture of expense transactions for reporting committed cost shared expenses to sponsoring agencies.

Transactions selected and reported in the Cost Share Application do not affect the General Ledger (G/L).

Benefits of the Cost Share Application

  • Ensures UC Davis is in compliance with federal guidance and sponsor requirements for cost share reporting.
  • Provides tools to help fiscal officers and fund managers monitor and manage cost share reporting.
  • Streamlines the generation, finalization, and PI approval of the Cost Share Contribution Report.
  • Prevents duplicate reporting of transactions by automatically marking expense transactions that have been used for cost sharing.
  • Tracks information needed for developing the Facilities and Administration (F&A) rate proposal.

Accessing the Cost Share Application

Awards are available for cost share reporting in the CSA if the Cost Share field on the KFS Award is set to Mandatory or Voluntary Committed. Contact the Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) fund manager for your award if you need the cost share field value changed.

Edit permissions are needed to set up tracking entries, select transactions, and complete Contribution Reports for an award. Edit access is restricted to the principal investigators, fiscal officers, account delegates, and account associates assigned to any expense account associated with the UC Fund for which cost sharing is to take place. The account does not have to be active. A valid UC Davis login ID and password are required.

Once the final cost share report is completed for an award, the fund will be closed in CSA by the CGA fund manager and the data will become read-only. The CGA fund manager can re-open the fund if post-closeout revisions are necessary.