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Time Reporting System (TRS)

UC Davis Time Reporting System will be unavailable

Due to planned system maintenance, the UC Davis Time Reporting System will be unavailable for the Cesar Chavez holiday weekend from Thursday, March 28th 7:00 pm through Sunday, March 31st 7:00 pm.  We anticipate low TRS usage during this timeframe as there are no timesheet deadlines due.  Users will be unable to access, submit, or approve timesheets during this application downtime.   

Please share this information with others in your department who use TRS to enter and/or approve timesheets. 

The Time Reporting System (TRS) is an online timesheet used for both biweekly and monthly employees.

The Time Reporting System (TRS) is used to track work hours for biweekly employees and non-work hours for both biweekly and monthly employees.

The UC Payroll Personnel System (PPS) replacement project (UCPath) analysis revealed a significant UC system-wide challenge with time and attendance management and determined that UC Irvine's Time Reporting System best met the needs of the university and could be used in conjunction with the upcoming UCPath system. UC Davis and UCLA are currently using UC Irvine's Time Reporting System, and this will help ensure that we are fully prepared for the UCPath implementation.

What does TRS do?

TRS integrates complex UC pay policies and collective bargaining agreements. The system brings efficiency with an online interface that allows employees to enter time online, supervisors to approve/edit/return timesheets, and Department Time Administrators (DTAs) to submit timesheets electronically to the campus payroll system.

Not sure where to start?

Check out the TRS Frequently Asked Questions.

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