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Equipment Management

Equipment Management guides UC Davis in properly tracking capital equipment — whether the university builds, buys, borrows, or receives it for free.  

What We Do 

  • Provide customer service to campus clients on capital equipment tracking. 
  • Print and mail equipment decals. 
  • Approve Kuali Financial System (KFS) documents involving equipment. 
  • Coordinate the transfer of equipment to and from UC Davis. 
  • Verify title to equipment when equipment will be removed from inventory. 
  • Prepare close-out reports for federally-sponsored equipment. 
  • Coordinate the biennial equipment inventory certification. 
  • Conduct equipment audits. 

What is Capital Equipment? 

Capital Equipment is defined by the university in Policy & Procedure Manual (PPM) 350-50 as an item that is: 

  • Non-expendable (having a normal life expectancy of one year or more). 
  • Tangible (can be appraised for value). 
  • Free standing (complete in itself, does not lose its identity when affixed to or installed in other property). 
  • Has an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more.