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Advance Deposit: Getting Access

Access is limited on the Advance Deposit (AD) document since most departments do not make deposits directly to a bank.

Most departments deposit cash and checks at the Cashier's Office; the Cash Receipt document is used for this purpose. However, for remote locations (outside of the Davis/Sacramento region) and for other select departments, there may be a business need to make deposits directly to a bank; the AD document is used for this purpose.

Become a User of the AD Document

First, you must be a member of the AD Remote Cash Depositors group.

  1. On the Main Menu, select the Group document from the Chart of Accounts section.
  2. On the Group Lookup screen, in the Group Name field, Enter AD REMOTE CASH DEPOSITORS and click the Search button.
  3. In the search results, click the Edit link.
  4. On the Group document, enter a Description in the header area (this text will appear on FIS Decision Support reports and can be used in a document search).
  5. Enter tracking information in the Organization Document Number field (optional, but this text appears on FIS Decision Support reports and can be used on the Document Search screen).
  6. Enter an explanation for your document in the Explanation field.
  7. In the Assignees section, enter the user ID of the person you wish to add in the Person field. Leave the Member Identifier field blank; the date fields are not required unless you want to restrict the time frame for which a user should have access to the AD document. Click the Add button to add the line to the document. Complete additional line(s) as needed.
  8. If you need to deactivate a user, locate them on the list of assignees (arranged alphabetically by user ID) and click the Inactivate button. If you can't locate the user on the list, you should click on a different page number on the Goto page option at the top of the Assignees section.
  9. Click the Submit button to submit the document. The Group document will automatically route to Internal Control for approval. Once the document is approved (routing status FINAL), the desired changes will be in effect.