Purchasing Documents

The KFS Purchasing documents allow you to purchase goods and services (including repairs) and create agreements for frequently purchased goods and services.

Learn about the recommended paying methods when purchasing commodities. View Supply Chain Management's HOW TO: Buy Chart.

For Help with AggieBuy Purchase Orders, contact the AggieBuy Help Desk at ab-help@ucdavis.edu.

KFS Document Document Type Code Purpose/Use
Requisition REQS

The KFS Requisition (REQS) document is used to request the purchase of goods and services from outside vendors.  A fully approved Requisition generates a Purchase Order, either an Automatic Purchase Order for orders that don't require Procurement & Contracting Services approval, or a Purchase Order after buyer review and approval.

The Requisition is used to purchase against an established agreement, but the creation of a new agreement or the modification of an existing agreement is done on the KFS Purchase Agreement (PA) document.

Purchase Agreement PA

Used to create a new purchase agreement or to modify an existing agreement.

This document is not used to purchase against an already established agreement. Purchases against agreements are done on the KFS Requisition (REQS) document (see above).



PO Changes can be made to a Purchase Order or Purchase Agreement by clicking the Amend button at the bottom of the document. The amendments route in the same fashion as did the original documents. Note the Purchase Order is created by processing a Requisition.
Line Item Receiving RCV Used to record receipt of quantity-based Purchase Orders (POs). Optional for most purchases. Required for purchases of capital equipment (items at or above $5,000) and POs with a total amount of $10,000 or more.
Procurement Card PCDO Previously to September 2021, this document was automatically created by KFS when a Procurement Card transaction occurred.  This process has been replaced by the AggieTravel reconciliation process.
Procurement Cardholder PCDH Used to change the default account assigned to a Procurement Card and also used to assign/change the Reviewer who first receives the Procurement Card document in their KFS Action List.

Note: The campus pre-purchasing system feeds into KFS by creating an initiated Requisition document, which must be completed by that user and submitted through the usual KFS workflow.