Budget Adjustment Document Help

The Budget Adjustment (BA) document establishes or modifies the current or permanent/base budget for an account.

Entering Data

  • On the BA document, you should enter the Object Consolidation not the Object code, in the Object field. For example:
    • Budgeting for Supplies should be done at the object consolidation SUB3, and not the specific object code (e.g., 8000, 8005, etc.).
    • For SUBG (Staff Wages - General Assistance) and SUBS (Staff Wages - Budgeted Positions) budgeting, enter the object consolidation code (SUBG or SUBS).
    • For SUBA (Academic Wages - General Assistance) budgeting, enter Object Consolidation code SUBG.
    • For other academic staff budgeting, use the Object Consolidation codes SB01 through SB07.
  • In the General Ledger Pending Entries section, entries will appear with dollar amounts listed in parentheses for credits, dollar amounts without parentheses are debits. This is slightly different than it is on the other Financial Transactions documents.

Fiscal Close

During fiscal close, there is a Year End version of the Budget Adjustment (BA) document in the Year End Transactions section of the Main Menu. If you need to post a Year End Budget Adjustment during Fiscal Close, please complete the Year End Budget Adjustment document.

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