Advance Deposit Document Help

The Advance Deposit Document is used when there is a business need to make deposits directly to a bank, as opposed to cash or check deposits, which are made using the Cash Receipt document.

The Advance Deposit (AD) Document requires granted access, see the Getting Access page for instructions.

Processing an AD Document:

  1. Select the Advance Deposit document from the Financial Transactions group on the Main Menu.
  2. Enter a Description in the header area (this text will appear on FIS Decision Support reports and can be used in a document search).
  3. Enter tracking information in the Organization Document Number field (optional, but this text appears on FIS Decision Support reports and can be used on the Document Search screen).
  4. Enter an explanation for your document in the Explanation field.
  5. In the Advance Deposits section, enter the (deposit) Date, Reference Number (optional), Description (optional, but highly recommended that you enter the business purpose of the cash/checks being deposited), and the Amount. Click the Add button to add the line to the document. Complete additional line(s) as needed.
  6. In the Accounting Lines section, enter the Chart, Account, and Object code into which the cash/checks are to be deposited.
  7. Sales Tax: If the department has collected sales tax, the amount must be recorded by inserting an accounting line on the AD, with the appropriate chart/account/object:
    • Davis campus (Yolo County): 3/1155100/0510
    • UCDMC (Sacramento County): 3/1155110/0510
    • For sales in other counties, contact Accounting & Financial Services Tax Services (530) 754-5936.
  8. Enter the Line Description. The description entered on each accounting line will appear in the general ledger for that accounting line.
  9. Enter the total Amount.
  10. Click the Add button to add the line to the document. Complete additional accounting line(s) as needed. Or, you can import accounting lines directly into your document. The total of all the accounting lines MUST equal the total amount entered in the Advance Deposits section.
  11. Optional: If you wish to ad hoc route the AD document, click on the Show button in the Ad Hoc Recipients tab. In the Action Requested field you can select Approve, FYI, or Acknowledge. Enter the user ID of the person (or group) to whom you wish to ad hoc route. If you do not know the ID, click on the lookup icon to search. Finally, click on the Add button.
    • NOTE: The AD document does NOT route to the fiscal officer(s) or to any organization reviews, so if you want other users to see the AD document, you will want to ad hoc route the document to that user(s).
  12. Click the Submit button to submit the document. The AD document will automatically route to Internal Control for approval.