Accounts Receivable Documents

Accounts Receivable documents

The Accounts Receivable documents allow a department to bill external customers for goods and services provided by the department. 

View a high-level Overview of the AR Process.

Each of the Maintenance documents will need to be completed for your organization before customer invoicing can begin and the Transaction documents can be used.

Transactional Documents

Transactional documents are available from the KFS Main Menu in the Accounts Receivable section, Transactions section. These documents allow you to invoice your customers, credit your customers, and make payment adjustments.

Document Code Purpose/Use
Customer Credit Memo CRM Allows a user to select a particular customer Invoice record and then specify an amount to be credited against an open invoice.
Customer Invoice INV Allows a user to create an invoice to a customer from your organization.
Customer Invoice Writeoff INVW Facilitates the entry and tracking of writeoff information.
Application APP Used by the Cashier's Office to apply payment to a specific invoice. Also used by departments to manage Unapplied payments (overpayments).
Application Adjustment APPA Used to adjust a previously-created payment application.

Maintenance Documents

The Maintenance documents are available from the Reference Tables tab, Accounts Receivable section. These documents allow you to set up and/or view your customer information and default accounting/billing. These documents can also be used for reporting purposes and replace some of the FIS Decision Support (DS) reports as noted below.

Document Code Similar to FIS DS report: Purpose/Use
Customer CUS

Customer Lookup (291)

Customer Summary (289)

Identifies individual customers and provides their tax information, contact name, and address information.
Customer Invoice Item Code IICO

Invoice Item Lookup (292)

Identifier that is used to set up default information for items or services being invoiced in the Customer Invoice document. Populating this code in the Invoice Item Code field on an accounting line of the invoice will bring in the default values associated with that item code saving the user from manually entering the information on the accounting line. All fields on the accounting line of the invoice (except for Service Billing Date) can be set up as a default value using the item code.
Organization Options OOPT   Used to set up a 'billing organization' so that users within that organization can create AR documents appropriate to the billing function. This document also allows you to define other data elements that carry forward to the customer invoice, such as payment terms, print options, organization messages appropriate for display on the invoice, remittance information, and the billing organization's phone number(s).
Organization Accounting Default OADF

Organization Information (293)

Used to define billing organization accounting line defaults for the Customer Invoice and Customer Invoice Writeoff documents.

KFS AR Lookups

The Accounts Receivable lookups are available from the KFS Main Menu in the Accounts Receivable section, Lookups section. They allow you to retrieve activity for specific transactional documents, searching by most of the criteria that is available for entry on that specific document. These lookups also replace some of the FIS DS reports as indicated below.

Lookup Similar to FIS Decision Support (DS) Report
Customer Invoices
  • AR Invoice Detail (288)
  • AR Invoice Lookup (290)
Customer Credit Memos  
Customer Invoice Writeoffs
  • AR Write Off Listing (309)
Cash Controls
  • AR Lockbox Log (299)
  • AR Payment Detail (301)
  • AR Payment Lookup (300)
Application Adjustments  

KFS Reports

The AR reports in KFS are available from the Main Menu in the Accounts Receivable section, Reports section. These reports can help you manage your departmental KFS AR activity. There are also options which allow you to print billing statements for invoices for which the customer has not made payment. Some of these reports are similar to the FIS DS reports that they have replaced (as noted on the table below).

Report Similar to FIS DS report: Purpose/Use
Billing Statement

AR Billing Statement History (310)

AR Billing Statement Detail (311)

Enter the desired search criteria for generating billing statements for customers. Learn more about billing statement timelines
Customer Aging Report

AR Aging Report (308)

AR Invoice Aging Summary (313)

Use this report to determine when you need to send Billing Statements to your customers.
Customer Invoice   This “report” option allows departments to print multiple Customer Invoices at one time when entering a From and To Date in the search criteria.  This is an alternative to printing out individual Customer Invoices by clicking on the Generate Print File button at the bottom of a fully approved Customer Invoice document.
Customer History Summary   Manage your Customer Billing and Payment History in one convenient location.  You can easily see the applied and unapplied amounts.  This information can be helpful for determining if an Application Adjustment document needs to be processed.
Customer Unapplied Payment Summary   Use the information on this report to create any needed Application or Application Adjustment documents.

FIS Decision Support (DS) AR Reports

As an alternative to the KFS AR Reports, the FIS DS reports in the Accounts Receivable KFS reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) can be helpful since you can include subordinate organizations in your results. 

We recommend that you use the Accounts Receivable KFS reports in FIS Decision Support (DS) for your KFS AR information. The reports in the Accounts Receivable section of FIS Decision Support (DS) are primarily designed for historical AR information in DaFIS.

DS Report Purpose/Use
Unapplied Payments (407) Displays information on overpayments that have not been applied on an Application or Application Adjustment document
Customer History (408) This report includes KFS Customer History from the time of KFS AR go-live and any still OPEN DaFIS Invoices. It does not include information on CLOSED DaFIS Invoices
AR Aging Report (KFS) (409) Manage the timeliness of your customers’ payments for all of your organizations (including subordinate orgs) in one report!