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Accounts Payable Documents

Accounts Payable documents

These documents allow you to pay for goods and services purchased on a Purchase Order (Payment Request) and for goods and services not purchased on a Purchase Order (Disbursement Voucher).

Tip: Learn about the recommended paying methods when purchasing commodities. View Supply Chain Management's How Do I Pay For...Chart.

KFS Document Document Type Code Purpose/Use
Disbursement Voucher DV Used to make payments not related to the procurement of goods or services. Common uses include: Research Study Payments, Memberships, and Honoraria (for non-university individuals). The DV is also used for travel or entertainment-related expenses that aren't paid through the campus AggieTravel system.
Payment Request PREQ Used to make payments against a Purchase Order. When a valid Purchase Order number is entered on this document, all of the information from the original order is brought forward.
Vendor PVEN Used to create a new vendor record in KFS or to modify an existing vendor record in KFS. Vendor documents route to Procurement & Contracting Services for review and approval. 
Vendor Credit Memo CM Used to record a credit from a vendor; the credit can be issued against a Purchase Order, a previous Payment Request document, or to a specific vendor.