Staff Multi-Location Payments

Staff One-Time Payments (OTP) and Multi-Location Appointments (MLA)

UCD is Home Campus

1. Departments (may require the assistance of Central Payroll): Assists the host campus with completing home location details (e.g., salary, step, etc.). * If a department receives a form for approval, then the request should be forwarded as follows:

  • Graduate Students or Post Docs – Route to Graduate Studies for approval at
  • Staff Employee – Route to appropriate Dean’s Office for approval

2. Grad Studies/HR: Receives request from host campus, home department, or Central Payroll, and reviews for policy compliance and approval. Returns approved form to Central Payroll.

3. Central Payroll: Sends completed approved form to host location to initiate payment in UCPath.

UCD is Host Campus

1. Departments: Initiates the form referencing the UCPath Person Org Summary page and coordinates with home campus department to obtain needed home location information. Completes the host and home location information sections and provides reason for appointment.

  • Host location to obtain two signature approvals; Host Location Fund Source and Host Location Dean’s Office or Staff Personnel.
  • Once form is complete and host location signatures obtained, department forwards form to Central Payroll.

2. Central Payroll: Receives form from host department, Graduate Studies or HR, and reviews for policy compliance. Sends form to home campus for review and approval.

3. Home Campus: Does final review and approval, and returns approved signed form to host location Central Payroll to coordinate payment processing.

4. Central Payroll: Initiates set up of payment processing.

  • Initiate Position Control
  • Process Concurrent Hire (cannot submit payment until concurrent hire has been committed to UCPath)
  • Initiate payment

NOTE: If payment scenario does not meet typical guidelines, please contact Central Payroll for further assistance.