Instructions for Death of Employee

Processing Instructions for Death of Employee

Guidance on processing the Termination and Final Pay due to the death of an active employee.

Department/Service Channel

  • Provides Payroll with necessary details to process Termination and Final Pay


  • Submits Termination transaction due to death of active employee
  • Submits Final Pay transaction when notified by UCPath Center
  • Provides FAU to UCPC for death payments including One Month Equivalent and Final Pay
  • Notifies applicable Location entities

UCPath Center

  • Processes employee termination transaction
  • Administers benefits and applicable pay to employee’s beneficiaries
  • Coordinates efforts between beneficiaries and Location

Other Considerations

  • A Beneficiary Care Coordinator at the UCPath Center will be assigned to coordinate the death process between the Locations and the deceased employee’s beneficiaries. They will coordinate all required documents including Affidavit and Questionnaire. They will ensure the beneficiaries receive final payment.
  • Locations should encourage employees to keep their beneficiary information current