Off-Cycle Check Request (E-078)

Off-Cycle Pay Requests

Guidance on processing off-cycle payroll requests. Including roles and responsibilities for Department/Service Channels, Payroll, and UCPath Center.

Department/Service Channel

  • Identifies the need for and submits an Off-Cycle Pay Request
  • Monitors transaction using the Off-Cycle Dashboard


  • Validates Off-Cycle Pay Request to ensure criteria met for request

UCPath Center

  • Validates Off-Cycle Pay Request and calculates pay


Be aware that certain criteria must be met before submitting an Off-Cycle Pay Request. Below is a list of acceptable and unacceptable criteria:


  • Time not submitted due to department oversight
  • Hire transactions not entered in UCPath in time
  • Missing significant regular pay
  • Final Pay for:
    • Voluntary or involuntary terminations represented employees
    • Involuntary terminations for non-represented employees
  • Financial hardship
  • Adherence to legal contract or agreement

Not Acceptable

  • Local deduction refunds
  • Correction for hours paid to incorrect job
  • Retroactive pay due to:
    • Promotion
    • Mass wage increase
    • Lump sum payments
  • Premium pay
    • Overtime
    • Shift differential
    • Other pay not included in regular pay
  • Additional pay such as
    • Bonus, relocation incentives, stipends, awards

If the request does not meet the criteria for an Off-Cycle Request, consider submitting an Off-Cycle I-181 (for hours adjustment) or an Off-Cycle I618 (for flat pay adjustment).

​​​​Process Steps to Submit an Off-Cycle Request

  1. Navigate to the Self-Service Transaction Links page:

Navigation: PeopleSoft Menu > UC Customizations > UC Extensions > Self Service Transactions Links

  1. From the Self-Service Transaction Links page, click the Payroll Request link

Self Service Transaction Type

  1. On the next screen, there will be a drop-down field. From this field, select Off-Cycle

Pay Request Type Dropdown

  1. The Reason field and search criteria will appear. Choose a reason code to further categorize your request.

Pay Reason Type

Refer to the Submit Off-Cycle Pay Request UPK for step-by-step instructions on entering information in this transaction.

  1. Use the correct Earn Code for the missing pay
  2. Submit hours on a day-by-day basis instead lump hours to allow applicable accruals to calculate accurately

Note: Any hours submitted via E-078 should match hours entered in time and attendance for historical records but should be flagged NOT to submit to I-181

  1. Provide specific details in the Comments section to convey the additional details if needed

Other Considerations

  • Ensure that Job Data has correct comp rate BEFORE submitting an Off-Cycle Request or transaction will not be able to be submitted
  • Do not submit an off-cycle request for a pay period during pay confirm process
  • Confirm if criteria met
  • Use the Off-Cycle Dashboard to track your requests