Year End Documents

Year End (YE) documents are used to record transactions that occurred during a fiscal year, but were not recorded prior to the end of the final accounting period for that fiscal year.

During the fiscal year end close each year, the following documents are available for a limited time in the Year End Documents section on the Main Menu in the Kuali Financial System (KFS):

  • Year End Budget Adjustment (YEBA)
  • Year End Distribution Of Income And Expense (YEDI)
  • Year End General Error Correction (YEGE)

The standard versions of the KFS financial documents post the transaction to the current fiscal year and period during which the document is approved. The Year End documents post to the June Final (Period 13) fiscal period.

The Year End documents are used during the period between the end of a fiscal year and the end of the closing period for that fiscal year. They are available for only a brief window of time following the end of a fiscal year, prior to final closing of that fiscal year. For specific dates of availability see the Fiscal Close Calendar.

How to use the Year End Documents

The Year End documents are used in the same manner as their standard counterparts, and the same business rules generally apply:

Auxiliary Voucher and Pre-Encumbrance

Please note that there aren't Year End versions of the Auxiliary Voucher (AVAE) or Pre-Encumbrance (PE) documents. If you need to post a Year End transaction for either of these documents, please select the applicable document and select the Accounting Period of Close. More information on using the Auxiliary Voucher (AVAE) document for fiscal year-end processing is available on the website.


Year End documents utilize the same routing (fiscal officer/delegate and organization review) that their standard counterparts do. For example, the Year End Distribution of Income and Expense document routes the same way that the standard Distribution of Income and Expense does.

What happens after the Year End deadline?

On the last day of availability for the Year End documents, all non-Deans Office user-initiated documents must have ALL approvals secured (including any Deans Office approvals) prior to 7 p.m. If a non-Deans Office user Year End document is still routing as of 7 p.m., approvers (including any Deans Office approvers) of the document may be systematically kept from approving the document; they will only have the option to disapprove the document. In most cases, any enroute documents will be automatically canceled.

After the deadline, the Close fiscal period will disappear from any enroute (not fully approved) PE and AVAE documents initiated by non-Deans Office users, so you will want to be sure that ALL approvers have taken action on those documents prior to the deadline.

Dean's Office Role

Users with a specific role will have additional days in July (past the campus deadline) to:

  • Create Year End documents (YEBA, YEDI, YEGE). YEDI and YEGE documents will route to the fiscal officer(s) and delegate(s) for approval as well as any applicable organizational review for the cited account(s). YEBA will not require the additional routing to the fiscal officer and can be blanket approved.
  • Create AVAE and PE documents with the Accounting Period of Close. Even during the extended access period, these documents will still route to the applicable fiscal officer(s) and any applicable organization reviews. After the deadline, the Close fiscal period will disappear from any enroute (not fully approved) documents, so you will want to be sure that ALL approvers have taken action on the documents prior to the deadline.

In order to access the Year End documents past the normal access deadline, your Dean's Office must add you to their Group for this access. If the Group does not exist, follow these steps:

  1. Use the Group document in KFS to create a group of users that should have the ability to create the Year End documents in KFS as a Dean's Office member. Refer to the online instructions for creating a group if you need assistance.
  2. Contact with the name of your group.
  3. Your group will be added to the role that will have extended access privileges for the KFS YE documents. The access will automatically shut off each year when the Deans Office period has ended.
  4. Future updates to the group (adding, deleting members) can be done by your Dean's Office on the Group document.