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Verification of Employment

Verification of Employment, Income

Current Employees Hired Prior to 9/1/19 Use AYSO

  1. Access AYSO
  2. Enter the user name and password for your account at AYSO.
  3. Under the Income & Taxes heading, choose the Employment Verification link.
  4. Follow directions to open the verification document.

Current Employees Hired After 9/1/19 Will Use Work Number

Employees currently working for UC Davis, hired after 9/1/19, will use a new service called Work Number to verify their employment and salary. Instructions on this process are coming soon.

Separated Employees Needing Verification

As a separated employee you no longer have active employment with UC Davis and your employment will need to be verified through the central Payroll Division office.

Verification for Lenders

Current and prior employees must provide authorization to a lender or creditor before any verification of employment will be provided, and only in writing. Lenders/Creditors should fax verification requests to central Payroll Division at 530-754-4288. Response time varies, but will generally take 7-10 business days.

Assistance with verification for lenders can be found through the central Payroll Services office, contact Rosalie Tecson.