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Lost / Destroyed Paycheck

Employees that have misplaced a paycheck, have a damaged or destroyed paycheck, or have a paycheck more than 180 days old may request a replacement.

Employees that have misplaced a check are asked to wait 7-10 business days (if possible) to see if the original check can be found. If this creates a hardship or if the check was never received, and it has been verified a check was issued, the employee can request a replacement check immediately. Steps to getting a replacement check:

  1. Contact your department payroll representative or service center to confirm a check was issued.
  2. Download and complete the Declaration of Lost or Destroyed UCD Check form.
  3. Information such as check number, amount and date can be reviewed online at AYSO, or provided by your department business office or service center.
  4. Submit completed form to Payroll Services by fax at 530-754-4288, through campus mail, or in person at 1441 Research Park Drive in south Davis.

Please make sure to indicate where you want to receive the replacement check at the bottom of the form.

Work with your department payroll representative or service center for resolution.