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Tracking Status Codes

The Tracking Status Code indicates where the timesheet is in routing/workflow. 

The codes below are listed sequentially based on a timesheet going from start to finish.

Note: A blank Status Code (or Status Code NONE) indicates no action has been performed on the timesheet.

  1. Saved: Status is updated to SAVED when employee saves the timesheet.
  2. Submitted to Supervisor: Employee has submitted their timesheet to their supervisor.
    Additional statuses that can may be applicable to some timesheets at this point:
    • Recalled by Employee: The employee has recalled a timesheet previously submitted to a supervisor (to allow the employee to make edits to the timesheet).
    • Returned by Supervisor: Supervisor has returned the timesheet to the employee to make corrections.
  3. Submitted to DTA: Supervisor has approved the timesheet and it is awaiting approval by the Department Time Administrator (DTA)
    Statuses that can seen by the DTA:
    • Submitted to PPS: DTA has reviewed the timesheets and has submitted the information to the Payroll & Personnel System (PPS).
    • Submitted to PPS (LX): DTA has processed the timesheet via manual/late transaction.
    • PPS Error: One or more of the entries submitted to the Time Reporting System web service has failed with an error response.
  4. Completed: A timesheet has been successfully processed. This indicates that the employee's timesheet information has been successfully entered into PPS.