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TRS Employee Eligibility (PPS and UC Path)

Employee eligibility refers to the groups or types of employees that can and should use TRS to report vacation and sick leave takes and/or hours worked depending on employee type.

You will note in the table below that when UC Davis transitions to UCPath, TRS will accommodate additional employee types.

Employee Group/Type TRS Eligible in PPS (Current State) TRS Eligible in UCPath (Future State) Comments
Monthly, Exempt Salary Employees Yes Yes This includes the following employee groups:
  • 99 - Non-Represented
  • FX - Academic Researchers
  • LX - Professional Librarians
  • NX - Registered Nurses (Campus only)
Biweekly, Non-Exempt Hourly Employees Yes Yes This includes the following employee groups:
  • 99 - Non-Represented
  • CX - Clerical and Allied Services
  • EX - Patient Care Technical
  • HX - Health Care Professionals
  • RX - Research Support Professionals
  • SX - Service Unit
  • TX - Technical Unit
  • K3 - Skilled Crafts (Title Code Exceptions)
  • NX - Registered Nurses (Campus only)
Bi-weekly Exempt, Salary Employees No Yes  
Bi-weekly Exempt, Hourly Employees No Yes  
Employees with non-REG DOS codes No Yes e.g. REO, VEG, NEX, UNX, BYA, CNX, BSE, SAS, BYR, STP, CDF, OFR, OFN
Employees assigned to multiple appts with differing policies (e.g., overtime) No Yes UCPath requires an employee has one FLSA indicator for all jobs.
Bi-weekly Exempt, Hourly Exception No Unknown This includes BX - Academic Student Employees. We will continue to keep you updated on decisions made for time reporting for this employee group.
Monthly Exempt, Hourly (Positive Pay) No Yes  
BX - Readers/Tutors No Yes  
DX - Dentists and Physicians (Student Health only) Yes Yes  
PA - Police

F3 - Firefighters

No No Alternate work weeks are not accommodated by TRS at this time; a "work week" in TRS is Sunday through Saturday, but for some of these employee groups, the work week is Monday through Sunday. Alternate time reporting methods continue to be analyzed/determined and decisions will be communicated to our users.
IX - Non-Senate Instructional

PX - Postdoctoral Scholars

A3 - Academic Senate

No No

These employee groups are not required to submit timesheets.

For PX, it may be possible to be included in UCPath but UCPath team is still gathering details on how time will be reported – still unknown at this time.