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TRS News

This page provides a summary of enhancements/upgrades to the Time Reporting System (TRS), arranged in reverse chronological order.


This release provides enhancements to TRS that will benefit Departmental Time Administrators (DTAs) and Supervisors:

  • DTAs Can Now Be Assigned as Backup and Optional Backup Supervisors:  DTAs are now allowed to be assigned as Backup and Optional Backup Supervisors; previously they could only be set up as a Primary Supervisor.  We hope that this additional flexibility will assist users in better meeting their time reporting business needs.
  • View Timesheet Information for Employee with Multiple Assignments:  DTAs now can view timesheet In and Out Details for their employees who have multiple assignments with other departments.  The Timesheet belonging to the other department must at least be in Submitted to Supervisor Status to display In and Out Hours Details.  When DTA clicks on the Weekly Hours Estimator icon, In and Out details for all appointments, including the assignment name/position/timesheet identifier will be displayed under the Hours Summary section.
  • Holiday Hours Calculation: 8 Hours of holiday pay will no longer be generated for employees who are 100% and whose start date falls within a pay period in which the appointment start date is after the holiday.  There is an exception to this rule for the following three bargaining units which is specifically stated in their contracts: CX, RX, and TX.
  • Compensation Method Report Fix: The Compensation Report, used by DTAs to see what type of overtime compensation has been selected by biweekly employees, was incorrectly retrieving inactive assignments with active compensation methods when a DTA chose the "Display Active Compensation Method" options. The report has been corrected and will only retrieve active assignments with active compensation methods.
  • Supervisor Screen: For any TRS users who are supervisors, the following improvements are in the Manage My Staff tab, in the Approve as Primary and Approve as Backup sections. 
    • Ability to search:  A newly-added Search field allows you to search for and filter your search results based on the information in the Employee Name and Assignment Name fields.  For example, you can search for an employee you manage by their first and/or last name, and/or the name of their assignment.  This makes it easier to locate specific employee timesheets and can be very helpful if you supervise a large number of employees.
    • Approve timesheets without losing table sorting:  When you click on the Approve or Return icon directly on the Manage My  Staff screen, the requested action will occur without changing the desired table sorting.     If you approve or return the employee timesheet by clicking on the timesheet icon, the "focus" on the Manage My Staff page may return you to the top of the screen, but the specific section you are working from will continue to maintain the desired table sorting.
    • Decreased system processing time: The overall system processing time for each approval will decrease, making it easier to approve timesheets more quickly.
    • New Past Timesheets Section (biweekly and monthly) now includes timesheets not submitted to supervisor:   This section will include timesheets from the previous 3 months  with a status of None, Saved, Recalled by Employee, and Returned by Supervisor.  However, timesheets awaiting supervisor approval will always display until approved (even if they are more than 3 months old).


This release provides enhancements to TRS that will benefit Departmental Time Administrators (DTAs):

  •  New section in View Manual Transaction-PPS Errors.  This section contains timesheet entries that failed to be automatically updated in PPS through TRS.  Entries could fail due to various reasons (e.g., employee having an invalid time reporting code, employee being separated, inactive or on leave without pay).
  • Timesheets default to current pay period being processed.  Under the Review/Submit Payroll tab-Open Timesheets section for both View Current Monthly and Bi-Weekly sections, the current pay period ibeing processed will default.

The release resolves the following previous issues:

  • PDF and EXCEL Exports missing columns: Previously, Employee Assignment Report-PDF and Excel formats were not displaying the column for Optional Backup Supervisor.  Work Schedule Report-PDF and Excel formats were not displaying the column for Employee ID. With this fix, the missing columns will now appear.
  • Rounding hours: Previously, when submitted hours were removed from completed timesheets for Monthly and Bi-Weekly employees with multiple distributions, the removed hours were rounding down to the nearest quarter hour and thus not removing all hours entirely. This issue was happening for Leave hours (VAC, SKL) and overtime hours (OTP, OTS, CTO, CTA,).  With this fix, all hours will round up to the nearest quarter hour
  • PDF and Excel pay periods: Previously, when exporting Monthly and Biweekly open timesheets, the PDF and Excel formats would default to another date and not the current date.  The user would have to manually change it.  With this fix, the current date will now default.
  • Appointment end dates are not disabling timesheet dates: Previously, employees were able to enter hours on days for which they were not eligible to enter hours (i.e., assignment had not yet started or ended).  This was causing confusion for supervisors and DTA's, and, in some cases, extra work for DTA's who had to manually log into PPS and correct hours.  With this fix, employees will only be able to enter time on dates for which their assignment is active.


A new report for Department Time Administrators (DTAs) to assist in reviewing and managing the overtime compensation selections (Comp Time or Payment) for biweekly employees.