Instructions for completing the AR invoicing process through Banner.

  • Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail Account Code Request Banner form - Banner users must complete this form and when Finance processes it, they will assign a 4-character detail code to your good or service. Once added, your new detail code will automatically appear in your list of available detail codes on MyInvoice. You will then be able to bill for the associated product or service. All Banner users should use detail code “STAX” for sales tax.

  • New Detail Code - Banner users must also establish a new detail code for each full accounting unit they wish to receive revenue under. The description of the good or service being sold may be customized on each invoice.

  • Item Codes - If using Banner for AR, you cannot look up item codes; however, all the item codes you have access to bill under appear in your MyInvoice drop-down detail code list. If you don’t recognize one or more of the detail codes in your MyInvoice list, refer to your copies of the Accounts Receivable Invoice Detail Account Code Request Banner forms your department submitted when it requested the item codes, or contact Student Accounting for assistance.

  • AR Customer Number Request form - Banner users must complete this form and when Student Accounting processes, they will assign a number to your customer. Updates or inactivation requests for customers are also processed on the AR Customer Number Request form. If using Banner for AR, you cannot look up customers in the system; however, you can refer to your completed AR Customer Number Request forms your department submitted when it requested customer numbers.


Invoices are processed through Banner in the following manner:

  1. The department prepares invoices through MyInvoice. This establishes the accounts receivable and credits the department’s account(s).
  2. The department mails or e-mails the invoices to customers.
  3. Customers send the invoice with payment to the Cashier's Office. Alternatively, customers can make wire payments and students can pay on MyBill.
  4. Student Accounting renders monthly statement of accounts to customers listing customer's unpaid invoices and requesting payment of past due balances.
  5. If an invoice remains unpaid after university collection efforts end, Student Accounting assigns the invoice to an external collection agency or writes off the invoice as a bad debt charged to your department's account (see PPM 330-90).
  6. Student Accounting credits the department accounts for payments of previously written-off invoices.

Note: Banner invoices do not route to fiscal officers so departments that use Banner must establish procedures for ensuring invoices are approved, as well as document and maintain evidence of that review. Here are some recommendations:

  • Fiscal officer reviews and approves each processed invoice prior to mailing/emailing to the customer
  • Fiscal officer reviews and approves a listing of invoices that were processed and sent during the period (frequency of review depends on the volume of invoices processed; e.g., if high volume perform a daily or weekly review and if low volume perform a monthly review).

MyInvoice - If the Banner invoice was processed through MyInvoiceand if you have the invoice or customer number, use MyInvoice for more information. For Banner feed invoices, contact your department's technical support. For a Banner invoice created before MyInvoice, contact Student Accounting for the information you're seeking. Banner users can look on MyInvoice, which shows the outstanding balance of invoices. Once paid, an invoice’s outstanding balance will drop to $0.

Cashier's Office - The Cashier's Office deposits customer payments upon receipt.  When the Cashier's Office processes an AR payment, an e-mail is sent to the fiscal officer assigned to the account.

When a Banner invoice is posted - You will see the credit side of the entry only in your ledger. The following ledger entries occur for a transaction where lab services in the amount of $120.00 are billed by a department to one of its customers. The departmental account used to record the activity is 4433221:

**** 112xxxx – 0299 (Accounts Receivable)      $120.00 (debit)
4433221 – 0060 (Income)                          $120.00 (credit)

**** This side of the entry is made to a balance sheet account managed by the Student Accounting Office and cannot be viewed at the departmental level except by running a Banner aging report, TGRAGES. This report may be scheduled to run on a regular basis, or run on-request by Student Accounting staff.

Timing of Payments

For Banner, the system ages the receivables and generates billing statements. Student Accounting mails the statements to customers on or about the 22nd calendar day of the month; payments are due by the 10th of the following month. A second billing statement is sent if payment hasn't been made after the first billing statement has been sent.

Departments are responsible for the timely follow-up of outstanding receivables. Student Accounting reviews the Banner AR aging report, notifying the departments which customers have overdue balances. Due diligence in following up on outstanding receivables increases the likelihood of receiving payment for services provided.

If the customer pays, their record will reflect the payment. If a customer does not pay as a result of the invoice and first billing statement, they enter the collection process.