Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF)

What is an Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF)?

An ITF is a budgetary transfer of funds between UC Campuses or between a UC Campus and the UC Office of the President (UCOP). 

ITFs are used by academic departments, organized research units, research centers, and programs housed at UCOP to provide funding for various purposes at other UC Campuses.

What are some examples of ITFs?

Some programs/departments that make awards through the ITF process include: 

  • Toxic Substances Research Program at UCD 
  • M.I.N.D. Institute at UCDMCUC MEXUS Program 
  • Center for Health Quality and Innovation (CHQI) Gift and Endowment Funds 

Example of completed ITF

Common Procedural Questions regarding ITFs:

  • How are ITFs recorded? 
  • Rather than cut checks to one another to transfer funds, UC Campuses process ITFs via a system of financial control accounts. This involves completion of an ITF form, available on our Forms page. 
  • Where should I send my ITF form? 
  • The department approver will email the ITF form with a statement that he/she has approved the attached ITF to
  • Who initiates the ITF form? 
  • The UC Campus sending the funds is responsible for initiating the ITF form. 
  • What is the due date? 
  • The approver needs to send an error-free ITF form by the 15th of the month (except for December period where the due date will be scheduled for the 11th due to the holidays and UCOP deadline) for the ITF to be processed and appear on the ledger for that month. 

    NOTE: There are no ITFs processed in June period. 
  • What can’t be transferred using an ITF? 
  • Intercampus payroll transactions must follow the intercampus payroll transactions policy and procedure and cannot be accomplished using an ITF. Visit our PPS page for more information.

    Contracts & Grants funds are not transferred using the ITF process.  The transfer of extramural research funds to another campus for the purpose of collaborative research between academic units is accomplished by means of a Multi-Campus Agreement administered by the Contracts & Grants Accounting Offices at the campuses involved in the agreement. 

    Agency account funds cannot be transferred to another location using the ITF process.  Use the IOC process. For more information, please visit Agency Accounts

  • Are there UC Account and UC Fund restrictions? 
  • Yes, there are exceptions that need to be considered when using certain UC Accounts and UC Funds

    State General Funds that ALLOWS a transfer to and from 19900 UC Funds are:ilt uc fund restrictions

    State General Funds that are NOT ALLOWED to cross UC Funds are:

    ilt state general fund restrictions
  • How do I complete the ITF form? 
  • To complete an ITF, you will need the UC Account, the UC Fund and the Local Chart String for both UC Campuses. 

    Since ITFs are processed via the UCOP website, each UC Campus needs to provide the required UCOP translation information for their local chart string, the UC Account and the UC Fund (or as UCOP refers to it, the Legacy Account).  

    The first two digits of the UC Account represent the Higher Education Function Code for UCOP and all other UC Campuses, except UC Berkeley where their UC Account starts with a letter instead of numbers. For instance the letter A is equivalent to the “instruction” Higher Education Function Code 40.

    If the UC Funds are different among UC Campuses, you will need the Fund Group Code to identify the color of the money (except for UC General Funds, State General Funds, Endowment Funds & Opportunity Funds). 

    The first four digits of the Fund Group Code has to be the same on both UC Campuses to allow the ITF transfer. 

    UCOP & Other UC Campuses Account Structure

    Higher Education Function Code (HEFC) Description HEFC Code 1st 2 digits of UC Account
    Instruction or Department Research INST 40 or 61
    Teaching Hospital TEHS 42
    Academic Support ACAD 43 or 60
    Organized Research ORES 44-59
    Libraries LIBR 60
    UC Davis Extension UNEX 61
    Public Service PBSV 62
    Maintenance of Physical Plant MOPP 64
    Institutional Support INSP 66 or 72
    Student Services STAC 68
    Auxiliary Enterprises AUX 76
    Student Financial Aid - Undergrad FINA 77
    Student Financial Aid - Undergrad and Grad FINA 78
    Student Financial Aid - Grad FINA 79
    Agency Accounts PROV 80
    UC Berkeley Account Structure
    UC Berkeley's translation to the 1st 2 digits of UC Account 1st 2 digits of UC Account Higher Education Function Code (HEFC) Description
    A 40 Instructional and Departmental Research
    B 41 Summer Session
    C 43 Academic Support
    D 44 Organized and Sponsored Research
    E 60 Libraries
    F 61 University Extension
    G 62 Public Service
    H 64 Maintenance and Operation of Plant
    J 68 Student Services
    K 72 Institutional Support and General Admin
    L 76 Auxiliary Enterprises
    M 78 Student Financial Aid
    N 80 Provision for Allocations
  • When will ITFs appear on the ledgers? 
  • If Accounting & Financial Reporting (A&FR) receives your ITF error-free by the 15th, they will be recorded on that month's ledgers a few days before the ledgers close which is usually around the 3rd business day of the following month. Please note that no transfers are processed in June. 

    ITFs are processed through a system wide software program. UCOP has deadlines and has final approval on all ITFs.  ITFs initiated by another campus must be error-free and submitted to UCOP by their monthly due date to be recorded on that month's ledgers. Generally they will appear on the ledgers a few days before the ledgers close which is usually around the 3rd business day of the following month. 

    Once the ITFs have posted to the ledgers, each UC Davis fiscal officer affected will receive an email with the details of the transfer. 

  • How do ITFs appear on the ledgers? 
  • ITFs appear in the ledgers as Document Type GLCB. The Tracking Number field contains the letters “ITF” and the 5 digit number assigned to the transfer with always begins with the letter “S”. The Transaction Description field gives a brief description of the transfer.  The amount of the transfer will appear in the appropriation field.

Process Flowchart

ilt process flowchart