The UC Fund is the most specific identifier of the sources of the funds being spent

For KFS, the UC Fund five characters (alphanumeric) tied to each KFS Account. Individual UC Funds are grouped into a broader classification called Sub Fund Groups, which are further grouped into Sub Fund Group Types.

For reporting purposes funds are generally grouped into one of the following categories:

The above pages describe the fund types, why new funds are created, restrictions on the funds, and available resources.

If you receive funds for a specific project or activity from an established fund source, the source documentation awarding your the funds should provide you with the UC fund number. 

Previously created fund sources can come from the following:

  • Another department;
  • Dean or Vice Chancellor;
  • Budget & Institutional Analysis;
  • UC Office of the President (including intramural sponsored funds)
  • Another campus;

Once a UC Fund has been established for an account, it should not be changed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I determine what fund to use on a new account?
  • For purposes of creating an Account document, the UC fund should be provided for any funds allocated within the university. For extramural awards, the UC fund will be established by Contracts & Grants Accounting. See the Guide on Establishing New Extramural Funded Expense Account for more information and instructions. 

    For self-supporting units, you must first have an approved self-supporting rate from your dean's/vice chancellor's office or the Professional Rate Group and then you must contact General Accounting to establish a new self-supporting fund number.  

  • How do I know what fund sources my department has?
  • To review a list of the various fund sources for your department you can use the following reports:

    Contracts and Grants Account Lookup (DS 198) in Decision Support. Enter your organization code, then in the Account Lookup Sort field, click on Sub Fund Group. The results will be a listing of your departmental accounts, sorted by the type of UC fund.

    Account Lookup (DS 11) in Decision Support. The fund is listed in the OP/UC Account column after the OP/UC Account.