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Staff Intercampus Transfer Transaction

When an employee transfers without a break in service from one UC campus to another, the action is termed an Intercampus Transfer.



Because no electronic transfer of Employee Database (EDB) records is possible between campuses, special procedures must be followed to ensure the transfer is processed in a way that the employee does not lose any benefits.

Detailed information regarding Intercampus Transfers can be found in the UC Accounting Manual


Incoming Transfers from another UC campus to UC Davis

  1. User HIRE Bundle (see instructions for New Hire)
  2. On the EEID screen enter the appropriate action code that best describes the transfer:




    Intercampus action


    Transfer between a campus and the Office of the President


    Transfer between a campus and a laboratory or the state


    Transfer to/from a medical center

  3. On the EPER screen the Original Date of Hire should be the employee's initial hire date in the UC system.  The Date of Hire (current date) should be the most recent date of hire from the previous UC location without a break in service. Consult with the previous campus to get the Original Date of Hire for the new employee if necessary.
  4. It is also highly recommended that the hiring department request a copy of the new employee's separation IDOC from the new employee or the former campus as a way of verifying dates.
  5. In the PAN comments be sure to indicate which campus (or UC location) the employee transferred from, and the effective date of the transfer.  This information will assist Payroll Services in requesting the transfer of the employee's payroll records from their prior campus, including verification of leave balances.
  6. Before updating the transaction, use F10 (Notfprep) and F8 (Forward) until you reach the end of the email notification list.  Add at the end of the list and hit Enter, then F5 (Update).
  7. It is essential to determine the Employee Service Credit. This credit is transferable between campuses even if there is a break in service. For questions regarding eligibility status contact the Human Resources office.
  8. Send New Hire packets to Payroll with the Payroll Transmittal Form.


Outgoing Transfers from UC Davis to another UC campus

  1. For outgoing transfers separate the employee using the SEPS Bundle (see instructions for Separation) 
  2. Be sure to enter the Future Institution Code (table below) and the Intercampus Transfer Code (table above) on the ESEP screen.





    UC Berkeley


    UC Irvine


    UC Los Angeles


    UC Riverside


    UC San Diego


    UC San Francisco


    UC Santa Barbara


    UC Santa Cruz


    UC Systemwide Admin
  3. Process any vacation and sick leave hour usage adjustments so that the balances the employee has at the time of transfer are correct.
  4. In the PAN comments indicate which campus the employee is transferring to, the effective date of the transfer, and the actual vacation and sick balances to which the employee is entitled through the last day on pay. This information will assist Payroll Services in transferring the employee's payroll records to the new campus.
  5. Before updating the transaction hit F10 (Notfprep) and F8 (Forward) until you reach the end of the email notification list. Add at the end of the list and hit enter, then F5 (Update).
  6. Provide the separation IDOC to employee; ensure vacation and sick leave balances, and months of Employee Service Credit are correct, if not, note the correct balances on the IDOC.