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What to do with past unsubmitted timesheets in TRS?

How to resolve unsubmitted timesheets

There are several reasons why there would be a past unsubmitted timesheet:

  • Timesheet created in error by employee/supervisor
  • Wrong time period timesheet created and saved
  • Employee separated and left a past created/saved timesheet in TRS
  • DTA deletes an appointment in PPS and this is not removed in TRS-employee creates timesheet and no action can be performed due to the deletion in PPS

Steps to remove past unsubmitted timesheets

Example: When an employee Saves/Submits a timesheet in error or when a supervisor returns a timesheet due to an incorrect timesheet submitted.  Both want this timesheet removed from TRS.

Timesheet Image

These timesheets cannot be deleted. TRS does not understand "DELETE".

Steps to complete:

  1. The employee must zero out the hours and add a comment in the comment field.
    • Comments can be something like this “Created timesheet in error”.
  2. The supervisor must approve the timesheet with comments in the comment field.
    • Comments can be something like this “Approving timesheet created in error and need to process to have timesheet removed from supervisor queue”.
  3. DTA can submit timesheet by choosing EDLR/No and adding comments
    • Comments can be something like this “Submitting timesheet in error to move timesheet to completed status to be removed from active queue”.

This will move the timesheet to “COMPLETED” status, the emails for the past pending timesheets will stop and the timesheet will no longer appear in the past pending timesheet sections for the employee or supervisor.

If a timesheet cannot be processed in that manner, the employee/supervisor/DTA must contact the TRS Help Desk asking to have this timesheet moved to completed status in TRS. The employee/supervisor/DTA should include the following:

  1. Employee name and ID number
  2. Pay period of past unsubmitted timesheet
  3. Reason this needs to be done

The TRS help desk will then move the timesheet to “COMPLETED” status with comments added to the timesheet.