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Finance | Email List Subscription


List Name

List Description

SUBSCRIBE A&FS Financial Users Group Provides updates regarding A&FS systems and is used by A&FS to gather feedback regarding system development, usability, and business processes. The current focus is Kuali.
SUBSCRIBE Cashierlist This list is for disseminating information to campus cash handling staff.
SUBSCRIBE Contracts-Grants-Accounting Used for announcements and information related to research administration from the Contracts and Grants Accounting office.
SUBSCRIBE FIS-Info Used for announcements and information related to the Kuali Financial System (KFS). Messages include fiscal close notices, system changes, planned downtime, and training class availability.
SUBSCRIBE Glacier-info Used for announcements and information related to GLACIER, the nonresident tax compliance system.
SUBSCRIBE PPS-Info Tips, updates and other information regarding the Payroll Personnel System for tech support and management that are not PPS or OPTRS users.
SUBSCRIBE Procure-Info Updates on AggieBuy, also information on campus-wide agreements and changes to procurement procedures.
SUBSCRIBE RACS Announcements and information regarding training and the Research Administration Certificate Series.
SUBSCRIBE Stores Receive information on Central Storehouse and Central Receiving-related subjects.
SUBSCRIBE Surplus Get news on what's happening and what's available at the Aggie Surplus, formerly known as the Bargain Barn.
SUBSCRIBE Travel-Info Tips, updates, and other information regarding UC Davis Travel and Entertainment policies and procedures." .
SUBSCRIBE TRS-dta Staff assigned as Department Time Administrators (DTAs) in TRS will want to subscribe to this list.
SUBSCRIBE TRS-info Stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the campus Time Reporting System (TRS).