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Three Levels of Notification

In KFS, there are three levels of notification that you will see when accessing your Action List

These notifications can also be used for ad hoc routing or Organization Review:

Request Option When To Use
Approve You are asking the individual to verify that the transaction is acceptable. Approved financial documents continue routing to additional approvers, or if fully approved, are included in the next update to the General Ledger.
FYI You want the individual to see that a document has been created, but do not necessarily need them to open it up and review it. In KFS, a user can clear documents sent FYI without viewing them.
Acknowledge You want the individual to view and acknowledge a transaction, without the need for giving formal approval. The individual will be required to open the document from their Action List to clear it out. This type of action request is generated to prior approvers and the initiator when a document is disapproved.