Documents That Do Not Allow Organization Review

Although the majority of Kuali documents allow organization review, there are several types that do not

Documents that do not allow organization review:

  • Financial Transactions
    • Advance Deposit
    • Cash Receipt
    • Journal Voucher
    • Service Billing

If you set up an Organization Review for all documents (Document Type KFS), the above documents will not be included.

  • Assign secondary delegates by specific Document Type so that they would receive only the documents they were unlikely to initiate/approve for other accounts.
  • Review ledgers during the month.
    • The fiscal officer can be assigned as a ledger reviewer and can annotate in the GL Review System the validity of transactions approved by their delegates. The ledger review can occur anytime during the month starting the day after the transaction was approved. The fiscal officer, as a reviewer, can open the general ledger (FIS DS 2) with “Enable Annotations” checked and perform the ledger review for those transactions.