Recall Functionality

After Financial Transaction documents have been submitted, a recall option is available which allows the initiator to recall the document to either make changes or cancel it.

The Recall functionality is ONLY available on the following documents:

  • Budget Adjustment
  • Distribution of Income and Expense
  • General Error Correction
  • Internal Billing
  • Pre-Encumbrance

The Recall functionality can ONLY be used BEFORE the Fiscal Officer has taken action (approved, disapproved) on the document. Once the Fiscal Officer has taken action, the initiator will receive a system error message when clicking on the Recall button.

When the Recall button is clicked, the document initiator is presented with two options, and a field for the initiator to identify the reason why the document is being recalled:

  • Recall To Action List: This returns the document to the initiator's Action List in a Saved status. The initiator can then either edit the document and re-submit it, or they can click the Cancel button to cancel the document (not have it go back into routing).
  • Recall And Cancel: This button is designed to cancel the document, but it often causes the document to get "stuck" in a Recalled status and in some cases does not allow another transaction to take place against the same attribute. At this time, we do NOT recommend selecting this option. If you need to cancel the document, click on the Recall To Action List button, and then click on the Cancel button at the bottom of the document. This will ensure the document then has the correct status of Canceled.