Fiscal Officer/Delegate Actions

Fiscal Officer/Delegate Actions

Fiscal Officers/Delegates initiating documents

In general, it is a best practice for fiscal officers to NOT initiate financial transactions, however, if they do, KFS will require that the delegate assigned to the account approve it. Learn more on the Separation of Duties page.

Documents without automatic Fiscal Officer/Account delegate routing

Most documents in the KFS employ fiscal officer routing (require fiscal officer approval), but some documents do not. In some cases, the documents do not contain an accounting line and thus are not associated with a specific fiscal officer. In other cases, there isn't a policy that requires the approval of the fiscal officer/delegate.

The following documents do not employ fiscal officer/delegate routing:

  • Chart of Accounts:
    • Organization
    • Project
    • Sub Object
    • Account Delegate Model
    • Group
    • KFS User
    • Organization Review

    If you want a fiscal officer/other KFS user to approve the above document types, you can set set up an Organization Review for these documents or ad hoc route them for approval.

  • Financial Transactions:
    • Advance Deposit*
    • Cash Receipt*

*It is not possible to set up an Organization Review for these document types.