Account Delegate Model Document

When to use the Account Delegate Model document

The Account Delegate Model document is used to:

  • Create a "model" that can then be applied/used on the Account Delegate Global From Model document. The "model" does not actually create the delegation; the Account Delegate Global From Model document does.

Models are useful for organizations/departments that have a complex but consistent delegation model and frequently create new accounts.

  • "Complex" could refer to an account that has both primary and secondary delegates, and may have different people serving as delegates for different document types. If you wanted to set up the delegation using only the Account Delegate document it might take a half dozen or more documents to get everything set up.
  • "Consistent" could refer to an organization that wants delegation for all of their accounts to be set up in the same complex manner.
  • An example of an organization that frequently creates new accounts would be an organization involved in sponsored research. Each new grant = at least one new account.
  • The model cuts down on data entry and ensures that things are set up consistently.

If your organization has a complex and consistent delegation structure, take the time to create a model of this delegation pattern using the Account Delegate Model and it is then possible to do several things with that model:

  • Apply it to all existing accounts using the Account Delegate Global from Model document.
  • Apply it to new accounts after those accounts are created using the Account Delegate Global from Model document.
  • Update the model when responsibilities change using the Account Delegate Model document. (And apply those updates to all existing accounts using an Account Delegate Global from Model document.)

Models probably won't be as helpful for those departments/organizations that use the same accounts/account structures on a long-term basis with little changes, or if the organization has only one person that serves as a delegate for all document types.