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Salary Expense Transfer (SET) Document Help

Salary Expense Transfer (SET) Document is used to transfer incorrectly recorded payroll expenses between accounts.

Benefit expenses will be calculated using a composite benefit rate (excluding Chart H accounts) and distribute employee benefit costs to department accounts.

Note: Pre-Approval and Online Training is required before access is granted to this document.

Expired/Continuation Accounts

You may notice that the Accounting Lines From section indicates a different account than that usually indicated for the employee salary. This will happen in the case of a continuation account being used in lieu of an expired account. If a continuation account was used, the SET user will be able to complete the SET document without having to process any additional documents. If the salary posted to an expired account because there was no continuation account or it was invalid/expired, the expired account will have to be reactivated on an Account document before the SET can be completed.

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Extramural Salary Transfers

Pre-approval is required on the following form when transferring to a Contracts & Grants-funded account. This form should be completed before the SET document is processed.