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SET Document Tips & Tricks

Tips for dealing with specific reporting scenarios using the SET Document

Separated Employees

If an employee has left the university, you can still process an SET to move their payroll expense(s) to another account. Do NOT do an employee lookup, as they won't be listed in the employee table.

  • Simply enter their employee ID number directly on the SET document. Where the employee name normally displays will be a message in red "Person Not Found."
  • Click on the Get Accounting Lines lookup, and you will be able to retrieve that separated employee's payroll expense information.

Labor Ledger Lookup

Payroll expenses transferred via a Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document, regardless of ORIGINAL fiscal year, will be available in the SET Labor Ledger Lookup in the CURRENT fiscal year. This includes any remaining amounts as a result of partial transfers. The Labor Ledger Lookup is based on the ledger posting date instead of pay period end date. Pay period end dates are not factored in the lookup as adjustments from prior pay periods can occur in the current fiscal year.

Moving Benefits and Rebates

When moving salary, the associated benefits will be automatically moved. If you wish to verify the amounts to be moved, click the Save button after completing the document, and then click on the Show button in the General Ledger Pending Entries section.

Please note that rebates, including tuition rebates, are never transferred during a payroll transfer. Object code balances are used to determine the rebate debit/credits. At the end of the fiscal period an automated process is run to update the rebate automatically in the form of a journal: General Ledger Journal Voucher - GLJV.

For transfers that involve GSR (Graduate Student Researcher) staff, the benefit amounts are directly proportional to the salary amount being transferred. For example, if 50% of the salary is transferred then 50% of the benefits are automatically transferred.

Out Of Balance Error Messages

When working with a Salary Expense Transfer (SET) document you may occasionally receive an error message that indicates the document is out of balance at the labor ledger entry level. If you get this error, please save the document and e-mail the FIS Help Desk at with the document number and a brief description of what you were trying to do when you received the error. For the SET, please also provide the employee ID number and expense lines in the From and To section. We will work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.