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Status Code Definitions

The Timesheet Status Code identifies where a timesheet is in routing and whether or not it has been successfully approved and accepted by the Payroll and Personnel System (PPS).

Locations where you can view the Timesheet Status as DTA:

Status Codes Image

In TRS, a timesheet cannot be deleted. Once an employee has created and saved it (SAVED status), it must be submitted/approved to COMPLETED status.  Frequently, time should be cleared so that incorrect information is not submitted to PPS.


  1. An employee creates a timesheet for the incorrect pay period and submits to their supervisor. 
  2. The supervisor returns the timesheet to the employee because it’s the incorrect pay period. 
  3. The employee must zero out any hours, enter a comment indicating what happened, and submit to supervisor. 
  4. Supervisor must enter comments indicating that the employee entered the timesheet in error and submit to DTA. 
  5. DTA needs to submit the timesheet with the correct option to get timesheet to “Completed” status in order to clear the timesheet.

The following Status Codes appear on timesheets in TRS:

NONE: TRS has generated a timesheet but the employee has not taken action, entered work or leave hours, or saved the timesheet. There is nothing that needs to be done by the supervisor/DTA.

Status Code NONE

SAVED: Employee has entered work/leave hours on their timesheet and saved the changes. This timesheet is still in the employee's queue and has not been submitted.

Status Code SAVED

SUBMITTED TO SUPERVISOR: Employee has submitted their timesheet to their supervisor, or the supervisor has created a timesheet on behalf of the employee.


Additional statuses that may be applicable to some timesheets at this point:

  • RECALLED BY EMPLOYEE: Employee has recalled a previously-submitted timesheet to a supervisor so that the employee can make changes.  The employee will need to submit the corrected timesheet again to the supervisor.
  • RETURNED BY SUPERVISOR: Supervisor has returned the timesheet to the employee to make corrections. The employee will need to make the corrections and submit the timesheet again to the supervisor. 
  • SUBMITTED TO DTA: Supervisor has approved the timesheet and it is awaiting approval by the DTA. DTA can return the timesheet to supervisor if correction is needed. Timesheet will go back to “Submitted to Supervisor” status until the supervisor approves the timesheet again. Once the supervisor has approved the timesheet, the timesheet will go back to “Submitted to DTA” status, and will be ready for the DTA to process the timesheet. 

 Statuses that can only be seen by the DTA:

  • SUBMITTED TO PPS: DTA has reviewed the timesheets and has submitted the information to PPS.  TRS is processing the timesheet and waiting to update in PPS.
  • SUBMITTED TO PPS (LX): DTA has processed the timesheet via manual/late transaction.  TRS is processing the timesheet and waiting to update in PPS. 
    • Example: All Monthly (MO) employee timesheets are a full month in arrears and the TRS system creates an EDLR with an LX transaction for the leave hours in PPS. Also, if the timesheet is after the “A” date on the Payroll schedule, TRS creates an EDLR with an LX transaction for the timesheet in PPS on the next available pay cycle.
  • PPS ERROR: DTA has reviewed the timesheets and has submitted the information to PPS.  One or more of the entries submitted to the TRS system failed and the error message is posted. 

Status Code ERROR

Example: The employee has an invalid time reporting code, is separated, inactive, or is on leave without pay status in PPS. 

Because each transaction is processed per employee/distribution, timesheets with multiple distributions may have one distribution fail while other distributions update successfully. For this reason timesheets in this section cannot be returned. DTAs should carefully review timesheets with the PPS Error status code to determine what actions need to be taken to correct the timesheet and eliminate the error status on the employee's future timesheets.

COMPLETED: DTA has reviewed the timesheet and the timesheet has been successfully processed. This status code is displayed when there is successful electronic submission of a timesheet from TRS to PPS, or when a manual update is completed in PPS. 

If necessary, a timesheet in this status can be unlocked/released by the DTA back to the supervisor. If necessary the supervisor can then return the timesheet to the employee for correction.   


See DTA Guide for step-by-step instructions on unlocking and releasing a timesheet back to an employee.