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Tax Reporting and Compliance Staff

Tax Reporting and Compliance
1441 Research Park Drive | Davis, CA 95618
Phone: 530-754-1829
Fax: 530-752-1300





Diane Davies-Conley Director

Interpretation of Tax Compliance Issues Related to:

  • Employment Tax
  • Vendor Payments & Withholding
  • Nonresident Tax
  • Unrelated Business Income Tax
  • Excise Tax
  • Sales & Use Tax
  • Other University Related Tax Issues

Coordination and Issuance of W-2s, 1099s, and 1042-S
Tax Filings, Payments and Other Communications with All Tax Agencies

Cindy Fenton Tax Analyst
  • Disbursement Vouchers (Tax Reportable)
  • Payment Request Approvals (Service Object Code, ex. Independent Contractors)
  • Coordination and Issuance of 1099s, 592, 592B, W-9, and Casual Labor W2
  • Vendor Payments Requiring Reporting & Withholding
Nang Xiong Tax Assistant
  • Glacier Compliance System/Non-Resident Aliens (New Hire packets)
  • KFS Use Accrual Tax Form
  • IRS Lock-In Letters
Janet Yang Tax Analyst
  • Glacier Compliance System/Non-Resident 
  • 1042s & W2c Coordination
  • Wage Payments to Non-Residents
  • Out of State Tax Withholding
  • Post Doc Imputed Income
  • Non-Resident withholding for Wages & Fellowships
  • Complex Non-Resident/GLACIER issues