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Current Open/Resolved Items

Current Open/Resolved Items

This page provides a high-level summary of current outstanding and resolved items in the Time Reporting System (TRS) as of 1/19/16. This page will be updated as items are identified/resolved.

We thank you for your patience as we work to improve the TRS processing experience.

Item Resolved Resolved Date Comments

Merge Campus IDs Process Not Working (18737)

YES 11/22/16 RESOLVED: Occasionally the TRS Help Desk must "merge" a campus ID when an employee is assigned a new campus ID in the university identity management system.  If that employee has already submitted timesheets in TRS, the TRS Help Desk is unable to manually update the Campus ID so the impacted employee is unable to access TRS.
Holiday Calculations are incorrect when employee changes to new assignment before or during Pay Period with Holiday (18744) NO  

Specifically if an employee is 100% full-time, TRS should pay employee 8 hours of earned holiday pay but instead it is treating employee as part time and looking at the previous two pay period status hours to calculate earned holiday.

Adjustments to Completed Timesheets are not Being Overwritten (18743) NO  

When completed timesheet is returned for correction and resubmitted, TRS should only remove the hours corrected and add the new hours submitted. Instead TRS is submitting ALL hours again, resulting in employee overpayment

Past Timesheets Posting to Incorrect Pay Cycle (18746) YES 1/14/16

Timesheets approved late by the Supervisor appearing in the View Manual Transactions tab are posting to the incorrect pay cycle. TRS is updating the View Manual Transactions postdate to post to the current pay period submission deadline but it should post based on the EDAT Close Date.

Work Schedule Typo on 9/80 Alternate Work schedule Set Up (18706) YES 10/10/16

RESOLVED: This is a display issue, not a functional issue:

Under week 2 column check the box next to friday and change the hours box to 8/9 hours

Total hours will be highlighted red and text will display "cannot exceed 26" (this should display "cannot exceed 36").

Employees Creating Duplicate Timesheets (18747) YES 8/10/16

RESOLVED: A duplicate timesheet can be created for the same pay period when the employee clicks the Submit button more than once.  A functionality change will not allow the button to be clicked more than once.

Biweekly (BW) Past Approved timesheets Posting to Incorrect Pay Period (18753) YES 1/19/16

RESOLVED: Previously, BW past approved timesheets were posting to the following pay period, instead of correctly posting to the current pay period.

Rounding issues for hours removed from previously completed timesheets (JIRA 18633) YES 7/23/15 RESOLVED: Previously, when submitted hours were removed from completed timesheets for Monthly and Bi-Weekly employees with multiple distributions, the removed hours were rounding down to the nearest quarter hour and thus not removing all hours entirely.
This issue was happening for Leave hours (VAC, SKL) and overtime hours (OTP, OTS, CTO, CTA). With this fix, all hours will round up to the nearest quarter hour.
Timesheet entry on dates outside of appointment start and end dates (JIRA 18670) YES 7/23/15 RESOLVED: Previously, employees were able to enter hours on days for which they were not eligible to enter hours (i.e., assignment had not yet started or ended).  This was causing confusion for supervisors and DTA’s, and, in some cases, extra work for DTA’s who had to manually log into PPS and correct hours.  With this fix, employees will only be able to enter time on dates for which their assignment is active.
Streamline process for supervisor approval for large number of employees ( > 25) (18284) YES 8/6/15 RESOLVED: Enhance TRS usability and user experience. It can take considerable time for supervisors with a large number of staff to approve timesheets. This is critical for TRS feed partners as those fed timesheets still require approval in TRS.
There are other DOS codes used by TRS users which mimic REG but have a work study exception. (18290) NO  

3/16/15: Not Planned to be completed at this time. 

TRS will be updated to support these codes. This will require changes to the calculation service since distribution lines will need to be checked to determine which code to use. Also, the user interface (UI) will need to be updated to accommodate these changes.

TRS: Support for Biweekly, Exempt (exception and Positive paid) (17337) NO   Due to the workload associated with the manual timesheets for readers, UCD campus has requested this functionality in TRS.
ENHANCEMENT: Add compensation method report. (17158) YES 7/9/15

Create a report to allow DTAs to view current compensation methods for multiple departments and biweekly employees only. Report results to include Employee Name, Emp ID, Compensation Time Method, and Effective Date.

Add columns to PDF and Spreadsheet Reports for DTAs (18560) YES 7/23/15

RESOLVED: Fix Employee Assignment Report - PDF and EXCEL exports should be displaying Column for Optional Backup Supervisor

Work Schedule Report - PDF and EXCEL exports should be displaying Column for Employee ID

Current Monthly Timesheet PDF export format: Timesheet hours column should have a line break for each Leave type used

DTAs: Duplicate New Assignment Added in TRS Email notifications are being sent (JIRA 18627) NO   Unable to reproduce problem, so we're hopeful that this issue is no longer occurring.
ENHANCEMENT: Add ability for DTAs to view all submitted timesheets for employees with multiple assignments.  Add read only access for DTAs to view the timesheets in the departments they do not have DTA access to (JIRA 18614) YES 8/6/15  
ENHANCEMENT: For DTAs, move PPS Errors back into its own section on View Manual Transaction Screen for DTAs YES 7/23/15

New section in View Manual Transaction-PPS Errors. This section contains timesheet entries that failed to be automatically updated in PPS through TRS.  Entries can fail for various reasons (e.g., employee with invalid time reporting code, employee with separated, inactive or leave without pay status).

ENHANCEMENT:  For DTAs, default Open Timesheets section to CURRENT processing period  YES 7/23/15

Timesheets default to current pay period being processed.  Under the Review/Submit Payroll tab-Open Timesheets section for both View Current Monthly and Bi-Weekly sections, the current pay period being processed will default.

ENHANCEMENT: For DTAs, add Home Department Code to Manage Employeesearch results (JIRA 18622) NO   Will be addressed as part of the eventual TRS implementation with UCPath.
ENHANCEMENT: For DTAs, add Time In/Out details to Calculator Worksheet NO   This functionality will allow DTAs to see timesheet hours for an employee with another assignment in another department.
The Alternate department functions are not working. (17328) YES 3/19/15 RESOLVED: Previously this was a blocker issue in supporting grant fund accounting. The Restore function was not working (clicking on Restore does nothing but a message appears).
Email Notifications Not Working (18623) YES 3/19/15 RESOLVED: Previously, system-generated email reminders for employees and supervisors were not being sent.
Fix Department Name display in the Supervisor Assignment search results (18613) YES 3/19/15 RESOLVED
Allow View Current Monthly/Open Timesheets pay period to be changed. (17162) YES 1/15/15 RESOLVED:   The issue was as follows: Since Monthly timesheets are submitted in arrears, the current pay period on the View Current Monthly-open Timesheets page was not showing appropriate timesheets. For example, May timesheets are due in June but since the current pay period is June on the page, DTAs were not able to view open timesheets for the May pay period being processed.
TRS Profile Loading service not updating data correctly due to PPS Datawarehouse source in use. (17050) YES 12/11/14 RESOLVED: The fix to this issue ensures data integrity and earnings/leave hours are distributed to the correct funds.
Reclassifications are causing issues with prior appointments/timesheets. (17050) YES 12/11/14 RESOLVED: Reclass appointments are back dated and TRS would not end prior appointments with a back-dated date if timesheets exist past this date. This is no longer the case.
Manual transactions on the View Manual Transactions page can only be submitted to PPS once at a time unlike the IDTC pages. (17161) YES 12/11/14 RESOLVED: An option is now available for DTAs to do a "mass" EDLR submission at one time.
Allow DTAs to view ALL departments in DTA pages. (17160) YES 12/11/14 RESOLVED: On the Review/Submit Payroll pages, DTAs are now allowed to view multiple Depts for timesheet submissions. DTAs can select specific Depts or ALL and then the pages display the selected Depts.
Add ability to search by Optional Backup Supervisor. (17119) YES 12/11/14 RESOLVED
REG hour is not posted to the IDTC Roster if it meets the following criteria:
  • Timesheet is a current BW timesheet posting to IDTC Roster.
  • There is a holiday in the pay period.
  • There are multiple distributions.
  • Holiday calculation distributes 0 hour REG earned holiday to distribution. (eg) the distribution has a very low percentage.
  • This 0 hour REG record is retrieved prior to the non-zero REG
Save Timesheet Identifier as part of timesheet record. (17137) YES 11/19/14 RESOLVED: Previously, when a timesheet identifier was changed for an assignment, timesheets created with the previous identifier displayed the current identifier. This was problematic since past timesheets were not properly identified. Now, the timesheet identifier, when a timesheet record is created, is preserved and associated with timesheets at the time of generation.
TRS uses 4 decimal places to round but this is not happening with all of the applicable tables. Update the applicable tables to store 4 decimals. (18292) YES 8/29/14 RESOLVED