Travel Expense (TEV) Instructions

The most common situation for using the Travel Expense Payment Reason Code is when a vendor bills the university directly for a travel-related expense (i.e. department receives an invoice payable to the vendor).

In this common situation, the Travel Expense (TEV) is used to process a payment directly to the vendor, not to an employee or non employee traveler.

Moving and Relocation Expenses: Please note that the following must be electronically attached to the KFS DV as Supporting Backup for reimbursements for moving and relocation expenses:

  • All original receipts
  • Offer letters authorizing reimbursement based on policy
  • All required signatures on TEV Relocation form
  • Reference all document numbers and report keys of other payments or employee reimbursements made in connection with request.

The policy applied is determined by the employee PPS classification.