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Searching for Purchase Orders and Payment Information

How to retrieve requisitions, purchase orders and see if any payments were created against POs.

Search for POs and Requisition Information

  1. Navigate to KFS Main Menu > Purchasing/Accounts Payable section > Lookups section > Requisition link.
  2. Use any desired search criteria to locate the Requisition(s) you are looking for. When a Purchase Order has been created against a Requisition, the Requisition will show a status of CLOSED.
  3. If you click on the document number, you can view the Requisition. Towards the bottom of the Requisition is a View Related Documents tab. Click on the SHOW button to open this tab, and you will see not only the Purchase Order created for that Requisition, you will also see any Payment Requests and Amendments issued against that Purchase Order. We hope that having all of the transactional information in one place on the Requisition makes it easier to track your purchasing and accounts payable processing.

Please note the Purchase Order document also has the View Related Documents tab, viewing this is a great way to stay on top of all of the activity on the document.

Search for Payment Data

  1. Navigate to KFS Main Menu > Purchasing/Accounts Payable section > Lookups section > Disbursement Voucher, Payment Request, or Vendor Credit Memo.
  2. This selection will allow you to see transactions based on a variety of search criteria; in fact, you can search against most of the fields on the document.
  3. The KFS Payment/Credit Lookup (401) query is the KFS "equivalent" of the Payment/Credit Lookup (112). The 401 gives you information on all of your KFS Accounts Payable transactions (Disbursement Voucher, Payment Request, and Vendor Credit Memo) in one report.
    • You can use this query to search for KFS AP transactions going back to when KFS AP first went live (2/18/14).
    • You can run the 401 query by a variety of criteria, including Organization Code, Account, Vendor, Purchase Order Number, and by a specific KFS user.
    • Results can be returned to your browser or spreadsheet. We hope this report will make the management of your KFS AP documents easier and more efficient