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Fix an Effort Report with the Status Open-Reissued

When payroll transactions are processed after the report is initially certified and the new payroll percentages do not match the certified amounts, the effort report status will change to Open-Reissued.

To complete the report, first determine whether the payroll transfers were correct with regard to the effort committed and delivered on the federal grants.

If the payroll transfers were correct, then the new payroll percentages in column [A] are correct.

  1. Change the effort in column [B] to match column [A]. The Paid Effort % to Certify [B] column represents the actual effort spent on the project, while the Payroll % [A] column represents the payroll charges to date. For the report to "balance," the two columns must match.
  2. Enter a comment in the Add a Comment area to indicate why the payroll changes were needed.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click Certify Effort Report. The report status will show Certified.

If the payroll transfers were incorrect, then the effort percentages in column [B] are correct.

  1. Notify your payroll processor that the transfers must be reversed.
  2. When the reversal of the payroll transfers is completed and ERS is updated, the report must be re-certified.
    • Click Certify Effort Report. The report status will show Certified.
  3. Alternately, the report may be re-certified prior to the completion of the payroll transfers.
    • Click Certify Effort Report. The report status will show Certified/AdjustReqd.
    • When the payroll transfers are completed, if the new payroll percentages [A] match the certified amounts [B], the report status will automatically change to Certified.