Equipment Management Responsibility and Stewardship

Overview of equipment management responsibility and stewardship.


All persons entrusted with the management of equipment owned by, or on loan to, the university have a special stewardship obligation for safeguarding that property.

The roles and responsibilities of the Asset Representative, Department Head, and Principal Investigator as they relate to equipment management and reporting are described on the subsequent pages.

You can view the current information for your department on the Asset Custodial Code in KFS. If any information needs to be updated (name of Asset Representative or Department Head), the Asset Representative and Department Head/Delegate assigned to that custodial code can make the changes on the KFS Asset Custodial Code document.

See the UCD Policy and Procedure Manual 

Asset Representative

The asset representative is responsible for the physical identification and tracking of departmental equipment.

  • Upon receipt of equipment, update the Asset document in KFS with asset receive date, serial number, room number, and other pertinent information.
  • Upon receipt of equipment decals, affix decals to the front of the equipment.
  • Request replacement decals when necessary.
  • Work with the department head to determine what non-equipment items (if any) will be tracked in CAMS (non-Chart H custodial codes only).
  • Work with department staff to ensure that transactions involving equipment are brought to their attention. This includes interdepartmental transfers, retirements, fabrications, equipment trade-ins or returns, loans to employees or agencies, and loans or gifts from individuals or agencies.
    • Communicate with AggieSurplus (campus) or UC Davis Health Storage (Chart H) for all requested equipment disposals.
    • Complete the pertinent CAMS documents.
    • Obtain required approval signatures.
  • Conduct the biennial physical inventory and sign the Equipment Certification Form.
  • Act as primary contact person for equipment/closeout audits scheduled by Equipment Management.

Department Head

The department head is ultimately responsible for the care, security, maintenance, financial records, physical inventory, disposal, and control of equipment assigned to their department.

  • Ensure a physical inventory takes place at the time they are appointed department head.
  • Annually review use of equipment to determine if any equipment is excess.
  • Sign the Equipment Certification Form.
  • In the event the Equipment Certification Form is delinquent or the department fails an equipment audit, the department head will receive written notification.
  • Approve transactions involving equipment with an original acquisition value of $10,000 or more as well as approve unusual or exceptional equipment requests (e.g., Principal Investigator is transferring to another university and requests that university equipment be transferred).

Principal Investigator

The principal investigator has the primary responsibility for the care, maintenance, records, and control of equipment acquired under the terms of a contract or grant.

  • Restrict the utilization of equipment acquired for use under specific contract or grant to the purposes of the contract or grant.
  • In conjunction with the asset representative, ensure that changes in a contract or grant involving equipment are verbally communicated and addressed.
  • In conjunction with the asset representative, ensure that closeout audits are promptly and properly completed.