Equipment Audit Information

Equipment Management verifies inventory by conducting audits each year.

Audits are conducted to inspect the equipment and CAMS records, and to ensure compliance with equipment policy and procedure in accordance with sections III.J. and V.H of UC BUS 29.

Before the Audit

  • Equipment Management will contact the asset rep to coordinate the date, time, and location.
  • A confirming letter, along with list of assets to be audited, will be sent to the asset rep, MSO/delegate, and department head/delegate designating the time and date for the audit as agreed.
  • The asset rep should prepare for the audit by physically verifying the location of each asset on the provided list.
  • For equipment located off-campus, the asset rep should confirm the physical location of the equipment with a representative at that location. This confirmation will also be made by the auditor with the assistance of the asset representative during the audit. The Off Campus Address section should be completed on the Asset screen for assets in off-campus locations that do not have a building code. For those assets on campus but located outside, use SPCL as the building code and 0001 for the room number.
  • If any asset cannot be physically located, the appropriate CAMS documentation should be completed, and required approvals secured prior to the audit.
  • The asset decal must be placed in a prominent location on each piece of equipment. Replacement decals should be requested from in advance of the audit.
  • Any updates to equipment information should be made in CAMS prior to the audit.

During the Audit

  • Each item must be visually inspected or confirmed by the auditor.
  • If an item is not available (e.g., on loan or lost), the appropriate CAMS documentation must be provided.
  • The auditor should be able to positively identify the asset via the asset decal. If decals are missing from equipment, the auditor may not be able to verify those items.

After the Audit

  • Audit evaluations are sent to the asset rep, MSO/delegate, and department head/delegate.
  • Follow-up audits will be scheduled for departments that fail the first audit.

If an Additional Audit is Required

  • Equipment Management will follow the same process listed above to coordinate and conduct the audit.
  • If the department fails a second audit then an audit of the complete inventory for that custodial code may be scheduled.