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Condition Codes

When completing a physical inventory, you will need to note the physical condition of the equipment. 

The codes below are the ones that should be used to indicate the condition of the equipment:

Asset Condition Code Asset Condition Name
N1 New, Excellent
N2 New, Good
N3 New, Fair
N4 New, Poor
E1 Used, Reconditioned, Excellent
E2 Used, Reconditioned, Good
E3 Used, Reconditioned, Fair
E4 Used, Reconditioned, Poor
O1 Used, Without Reconditioning, Excellent
O2 Used, Without Reconditioning, Good
O3 Used, Without Reconditioning, Fair
O4 Used, Without Reconditioning, Poor
R1 Repairs Needed, Excellent
R2 Repairs Needed, Good
R3 Repairs Needed, Fair
R4 Repairs Needed, Poor