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Group Document Help

Groups are a selection of FIS users who share the collective responsibility of reviewing and/or approving documents.

Group Structure

  1. Groups are established at the departmental level, and consist of users that have the authority to approve transactions of the type that the group may receive.
  2.  Any member of a group can review or approve a document, thereby deleting it from the other members' Action Lists. Groups allow organizations to use another level of approval after the fiscal officer routing, without placing the entire burden on one person.
  3. The Group document is used to create or modify a group, but this does not establish the routing to the group.

Group Routing

  1. Routing to the group is set up/modified on the Organization Review page. On the Organization Review, the group can be set up to approve, acknowledge, or FYI a document.
  2. When a document is routed to a group, all users in the group will receive it. The document will appear in their Action List with the name of the particular group to which it was routed. At this point, any member of the group may approve the document. When they do, the document will disappear from the Action Lists of the other group members.* The user ID of the group member approver will appear in the Actions Taken section of the document routing log.
  3. Note: There is no automatic routing for the Group document (no account manager/fiscal officer routing). You can create an Organization Review document to establish routing for the Group document if you wish.

*An exception to this rule occurs if the Action Policy Code field code is set to ALL on the Organization Review document. In general, we do not recommend this setting, as it will require each person in the group to approve the document.

Editing an Existing Group


  1. On the KFS Main Menu, navigate to Chart of Accounts channel > Workflow section > Group link.
  2. You will now be on the Group Lookup screen where you can search for and edit an existing group.
  3. Enter your Group Name and leave the Group Namespace default setting on KFS–SYS - Financial System. Do not enter additional search criteria. To edit a group, click on the Edit link. On the document, you will be required to enter a document description. The only fields that are modifiable when editing a group are:
    • Overview Section: Check the Active indicator. A checked box indicates that the group is active, an unchecked box indicates that the group is inactive
    • Assignees Section: You can add a new member by entering their system-generated ID (NOT user ID); we recommend using the lookup to do a search. Click the Add button at the end of each line. You can also remove a member from a group by entering a date in the Active To Dt field. For example, if you wish to remove a member from a group today, you would enter today's date in the Active To Dt field.
  4. Click Submit on the document.

Creating a New Group

  1. In KFS, navigate to Main Menu > Chart of Accounts channel > Workflow section > Group link.
  2. You will now be on the Group Lookup screen. Click on the "Create New" button in the upper right corner.
  3. You will now be on the Group document. Complete all required fields (identified with an asterisk).
    Overview Section:
    • Type Name field: click on the lookup icon next to the word Default. This will take you to the KIM Type Lookup screen. On this lookup screen, enter KFS68 in the Type Identifier field. On your results, click on the "Return Value" link.  If you leave the Type Name of Default, your Group will not work properly in KFS.
    • Group Namespace: should be KFS-SYS - Financial System.

Attributes Section: enter your Chart and Organization Code using the lookup icon.

Assignees Section: Here you can add a new member; we recommend using the lookup icon to do a search. Click the Add button at the end of each line.

4. Click Submit on the document.