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KFS Use Tax Accrual Correction Form

KFS Use Tax Accrual Correction Form

By using this form, you are certifying that a Use tax was incorrectly accrued by the Kuali Financial System (KFS).

> Adjustments are only made for amounts exceeding $.99

> Due to regulatory requirements adjustments can only be claimed within 3 years of the original purchase.

Examples of when this form should to be used:

  • General correction of Use tax accruals
  • Purchasing Card transaction Use tax discrepancy on the Procurement Card document (failure to enter the sales tax on the PCDO, or wrong rate charged on the PCDO)
  • Tax issue caused by an incorrectly entered Purchase Order (PO) or Payment Request (PREQ) (Use tax indicator inadvertently selected)
  • Partial-tax exempt situations, such as purchases for agricultural items with proper Ag tax exemptions
  • Requesting Resear ch & Development (R&D) Equipment Tax Reduction

This form is not to be used to correct Sales tax issues. If the vendor incorrectly charged Sales tax, you must contact the vendor for resolution.

Was this a Taxable Item?
Please explain why the transaction qualifies for a Use Tax correction.