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TRS | Employee Information

Employees use the Time Reporting System in different ways depending on whether they are paid monthly or biweekly.

  • Biweekly: Employees enter all work and all leave hours on their timesheet

  • Monthly: Employees enter their leave hours OR report the absence of any leave hours on their timesheet

Before using the system, we encourage you to check out the online training available by clicking on the Training tab at the top of the screen.

There are also user guides available for Biweekly and Monthly Employees. 

Converting Schedules

With job changes and updates in title (Career Tracks), employees sometimes move from one reporting schedule to another. We have information that may help you in this conversion:

  • Biweekly to Monthly
  • As a biweekly employee you report all time worked and any leave time taken, and you submit your timesheet every two weeks.When you report leave time it should be selected from the drop down menu and is recorded in quarter hour increments. You can see an example of a biweekly timesheet below:

    BW Timesheet

    As a monthly employee you will only report leave time taken, and submit your timesheet once a month. When accessing your timesheet montly employees are asked to respond to a question:

    MO Question

    Your response by selecting a radio button for Yes or No will determine if you see a timesheet to report the leave time, or simply get to save or submit the "blank" timesheet to your supervisor. If you select "yes", you will see a full month displayed and can add the applicable leave time on the day used. Please note that monthly employees report leave time in full day increments of 8 hours. An example of a monthly timesheet with leave time is shown below:

    MO Timesheet

    It is recommended you review the Monthly Employee Guide for detailed information about your timesheet.

  • Monthly to Biweekly
  • When converting from monthly to biweekly reporting of your time you will be submitting a timesheet more often, but you will also submit a timesheet with both time worked and leave hours taken. Example of a monthly timesheet with leave hours:

    MO Timesheet

    Biweekly timesheets are due the last working day of the two-week pay cycle and include the time you started work, took lunch and returned, and ended work for each shift or day worked. Leave time used is also reported and shoudl be recorded in quarter hour increments. An example of adding worked hours is shown below. 

    BW Hours

    An example of adding vacation time for three consecutive days using the Repeat Hours feature is shown below. This option allows you to enter a set work schedule for several consecutive days, or consecutive days of leave time.

    BW Leave Time

    An example of a biweekly timesheet with both regular hours worked and leave time taken is below:

    BW Timesheet

    For instruction on how to add hours and other important information about your timesheet, refer to the Biweekly Employee Guide.


The tips below can be helpful for employees just learning the system or for employees trying to complete timesheets more efficiently:

  • Missing supervisors on your timesheet, please contact your DTA  which is your Department Payroll Representative, and they will be able to add them for you.
  • Save data entry time! Biweekly Employees working a fixed schedule may want to click the Addbutton on one of the days of the pay period and select the Repeated Hours option to enter their work time once and apply it to other working days of the pay period. This Repeated Hours option can also be used for non-work time reporting (multiple vacation days, jury duty, etc).
    • Note: Biweekly (non-exempt) employees must enter all time worked and all non-work time. Monthly (exempt) enter their non-work time ONLY.
  • Notice a mistake on your timesheet after you submitted it to your supervisor? No problem! Use the Recall Timesheet button to return the timesheet for editing. Note: Once your supervisor has taken action on your timesheet, the Recall option is no longer available.
  • Are you a monthly-paid (exempt) employee who answered the question Do you have vacation, sick, jury duty and/or leave w/o pay to report for this pay period? incorrectly? No problem! Simply click on the Reset link, and you will get the chance to answer the question again.
  • Submit the timesheet to your supervisor before the deadline! Failure to submit a timesheet by the established deadline may result in the employee not getting paid or delay their pay.